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    • “Personal Information” means information which identifies you, including information such as your contact details, email address, biometric information, identity number, address, banking details, passwords and all other information which may be deemed as personal;
    • “STVCKD” or “us” or “we” means STVCKD (Pty) Ltd, with registration number 2021/591884/07 or any of its subsidiaries;
    • “User” or “you” or “your” means any person who enters or uses the STVCKD website or online services, notwithstanding the fact that such person only visits the home page of the STVCKD website or online service portals.
    • “Website” means
    The privacy of the information that you provide to us is of utmost importance and therefore we are committed to the confidentiality thereof.This document helps you to understand how your Personal Information is collected, processed, used, communicated, shared and treated. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with the reason why your Personal Information is needed, please feel free to obtaining clarity before disclosing your Personal Information.Your personal information will always be collected, processed, used, communicated, shared and treated in accordance with the law.By visiting the Website and communicating electronically with us, you consent to the processing and transfer of your Personal Information as set out in this document.
    Your Personal Information is collected and processed when you purchase services and/or products from us, when you register for a specific product and/or service, when you request certain information from us, when you visit our Website, when you enter your Personal Information on any of our platforms or when you provide us with your Personal Information in any other manner.We may also collect non-personal information, such as non-personal browsing habits, click patterns, IP addresses, etc.We may also obtain Personal Information from third parties, such as credit bureaus, fraud prevention organisations, business directories and other third parties, but only if such Personal Information is needed and only to the extent permitted by law.All Personal Information will only be retained for as long as it is necessary or for as long as it is permitted by law.
    Your Personal Information will only be used with your consent or as permitted by law and for the purpose for which it was collected, such as for the provision of services and/or products to you, for marketing our products and/or services to you, to provide access to restricted pages on the Website, to respond to enquiries you made, to develop, test and improve our products and/or services and to comply with legal requirements or for statistical and research purposes.
    5.1 When you register an account on this Website, STVCKD collects Personal Information about you, including information that directly or indirectly identifies you if you choose to share it with STVCKD. 
    5.2. STVCKD will only collect Personal Information for a purpose consistent with the purpose for which it is required. STVCKD collects the following information:
    5.2.1. your name and surname;
    5.2.2. your username;
    5.2.3. your email address;
    5.2.4. your password; 
    5.2.5. physical address for deliveries; and
    5.2.6. information from your browser, computer, or mobile device, which provides us with technical information when you access or use the Portal, including device and network information, cookies and analytics information.
    We may disclose and share your Personal Information to third parties, if:
    – You have given your consent for such disclosure;
    – The law or a court order requires us to disclose your Personal Information;
    – If it is necessary to protect or pursue your, our or a third party’s legitimate interests;
    – To our contractors, partners and service providers, who are involved in the delivery of services and/or products to you;
    – Required by our debt collecting agencies;
    – Required by emergency services; and
    – Any other reason, provided that such disclosure is done to the extent permitted by law.
    If you are accessing this Website from any country other than the Republic of South Africa, it will necessarily result in the transfer of your Personal Information across international borders. We may also transfer your Personal Information to other countries for processing and/or storage provided that:
    – Your Personal Information will be adequately protected under the other country’s laws or by an agreement with the third-party recipient; or
    – The transfer is necessary to enter into or perform under a contract with you or a contract with a third party that is in your interest; or
    – You have consented to the transfer; or
    – Where it is not reasonably practical to obtain your consent, that the transfer is in your interest.Any transfer of Personal Information will be done within the extent permitted by law. Where possible, the party processing your Personal Information in the other country will agree to apply the same level of protection as available in South African law.
    STVCKD shall take all reasonable and appropriate technical and organisational steps to protect your Personal Information in line with industry best practices. Our security measures will be appropriate and reasonable and will include, but not be limited to, the following:
    – Keeping our systems secure
    – Storing our records securely
    – Controlling the access to our buildings, systems and records;
    – Safely destroying or deleting records. STVCKD does not make any warranties or representations that the content on its Website will be 100% safe or secure, but STVCKD will have applied all necessary due care and diligence towards preserving the security of information. Communications over the internet are not secure unless they have been encrypted. Your communications may go through several countries before being delivered to us. We cannot accept any responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss of Personal Information that is not within our control. Please note that we will never ask for secure personal or account information through unsolicited communication. It is your responsibility to keep your account information secure and not to share it with anybody. Subject to the provisions of Section 43(5) and 43(6) of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, No 25 of 2002, and the requirements for a valid electronic invoice issued by the South African Revenue Service, Lunar and Lucy is under no legal obligation to encrypt any content or communications from and to Users. It is further under no legal obligation to provide digital authentication of any pages on the Website. Users may not deliver or attempt to deliver, whether on purpose or negligently, any damaging code, such as computer viruses, robots or spyware to the Website or any servers or networks that support the Website. Users may not develop, distribute or use any program or device used to breach or overcome the security measures of the restricted pages on the Website. Users who commit any offences as contemplated in Sections 85 to 88 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, No 25 of 2002, will, notwithstanding criminal prosecution, be held liable for all damages suffered by STVCKD, its affiliates and its partners.
    As stated above, your Personal Information will often be used to market our services and/or products to you. If you no longer want to receive any marketing material from us, you can opt out or unsubscribe by clicking on the relevant link in the marketing material.
    Lunar and Lucy’s Website may contain links to other websites, which websites are not owned and operated by us. The owners of these websites are responsible for protecting their own data and personal information of their users.
    Changes in the data protection legislation may result in changes to this Privacy Statement. The latest version of this Privacy Statement will always be available on our Website.
    Cookies are small pieces of data sent from our Website or applications to your computer’s or device’s hard drive, or internet browser and saved there. Cookies contain information to personalise and improve your experience on our Website or applications. Cookies can also identify your device, such as your computer or your mobile phone.
    By using our Website or applications, you agree that cookies may be forwarded from our Website or applications to your computer or device. The cookies will enable us to know that you have visited the Website before and will identify you. We also make use of cookies to prevent fraud.
    If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by emailing